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  1. Rosie says:

    There has never been more comprehensive proof of a scam than what is revealed here.

  2. Proud Kiwi says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comment made by Rosie

  3. Hemi says:

    After reading all this, I as a Maori, am ashamed about what is going on.
    I had no idea. It is a national disgrace. This must be stopped.
    We must all live peacefully with equal citizenship. End of.

  4. Skeptical says:

    As convincing as all this might be, I can’t help wondering how such a scam could possibly have ever been accepted by our Political leaders, and Legal fraternity, as well as so many bright University Professors.

  5. Publisher says:

    In response to “Skeptical” — a scam of this magnitude has, in fact, been accepted by the majority of those in the categories you mention — and I’ll explain why.
    For starters, Educationalists can be prone to fall for it because they are often tragically woke. The greenstone pendant hanging round their neck is a sure sign that they’ve succumbed to the scam. Such ‘wet’ zealots are easy meat when it comes to fraud of an ideological nature.
    The other thing is that they tend NOT to be go-getter types with the fortitude to start a business on their own account. It’s easier, and safer, to get a lifetime job in education; where you just have to meekly follow the racially divisive book to the letter.
    Or alternatively, get a cushy position within bureaucracy, where all that’s required of you, is to unquestioningly embrace the apartheid agenda; and accept the role of henchmen tasked with mindlessly enforcing the unjust rules.

    Then there’s the Legal fraternity. Well, as much as I hate to say it, many of them can be somewhat mercenary. It’s the nature of the beast.
    So, a certain number will go along with a mistruth, as long as someone pays them enough to do so.
    This becomes quite easy for them after a while — because they are experts at their game, i.e. manipulating facts to the utmost — so, they can become somewhat blasé about which side of any particular truth they happen to be juggling.
    And the worst thing is, some scumbag Lawyers have not only jumped aboard the Maori gravy-train, but are helping to steer it.
    Despicable, dishonest, shameless, dishonorable traitors.

    As for Politicians — they’re power crazy. And will go along with whatever it takes to retain their position of power. They’ll sell their soul for the price of a vote.
    Or, they’re just in it for a lucrative and easy life. Think about all those back-bench leeches. They don’t want to go rocking the boat, do they. Just turn a blind eye to the racist regime, by NOT putting any honest or analytical thought into it.

    And as for the media — most appear to be so left-leaning they could be descibed as bent.
    The power of influence they wield is out of proportion (undeserving) of their biased character.
    And the abuse of CENSORSHIP by newspaper editors regarding ‘Letters to the Editor’ can only be described as criminal. A classic example of dictatorship. And the worst thing is that they’re such hypocrites, e.g. allowing ‘controversial’ letters to be published, if and when, they personally happen to agree with them, i.e. when it suits ‘their’ particular sentiments.
    Sheer arrogance.
    What a blessing it is that we have a few realists among our media, such as Mike Hosking and Heather du Plessis-Allan.

    Then of course, there’s the naïve masses, i.e. the easily led people (sheeple) who blindly follow without question. In other words, non-thinking folk, who’re vulnerable to having the wool pulled over their eyes.

    Put all the above together, and that will explain why ruthlessly devious activists within the Tribal elite can get away with fleecing our entire nation.

    I will add that if you’re still in doubt, then I’d strongly suggest you go back to the start and read again from page 3. through to page 15. That’s the guts of it all. It’s the proof in the pudding. And all the twisting and fabricating (trickery and lies) in the world is never going to be able to dispute it.

    PS: sorry for being so forthright about all this, but it is imperative that the message gets through to those who need telling.
    If you think I’m being a bit rough, you wait and see what life will be like IF AN URGENT STOP is not put to the racial divisiveness. The future will be hell for the majority of people, and we’ll be shafted every which way.
    And, those in ‘control’ will inevitably revert to intertribal fighting over the spoils. With the result that this country will end up a complete shambles — destined to true third world status.
    Maori revolutionists keep assuring us that there is nothing to fear about them taking over in a leadership role. Yeah, right.
    Time to wake up folks. Don’t be a Plonker all your life.

  6. James Marsden says:

    This outstanding TRUTH article is a real eye-opener, i.e. an alarming assessment of what’s really going on in our country.
    And, the RESPONSE to Skeptical is spot-on, i.e. a brilliant analysis of human nature.

  7. Unity says:

    This article needs to be shared far and wide. I’m sure many in this country have absolutely no idea as to the seriousness of this issue. Yes, they are starting to realise that ‘Maori’ are wanting and getting more and more, but they don’t realise how bit by bit they are succeeding at getting things they most definitely are not entitled to in this day and age. This country MUST unite with everyone being treated the same. There are no Maori today – only people with a bit of Maori ancestry, some more than others. However those with a teaspoonful are suppressing their other ancestry and elevating their Maori side – because there is money in it. The Treaty has been twisted totally out of shape and must be filed away forthwith. It achieved its original aim long long ago. The Waitangi Tribunal long ago achieved its original remit and is causing all sorts of problems based on reinvented history. It must be disbanded forthwith.

  8. Grateful says:

    I would like to thank the publishing editor for having the gumption to tell the truth about the trickery that’s going on in this country.
    Most people are too gullible to see it. Or too scared to point it out, for fear of being labeled a white paranoid “racist”.

  9. Publisher says:

    Responding to “Grateful” . . . Standing up to the unjustified Maorification of New Zealand is not about being a white racist.
    There is nothing wrong with having a diverse racial mix – it adds a bit of spice to society (in more ways than one).
    Being anti-Maori is about their fraudulent claims; their in your face racist attitude; and the fact that they are bleeding us dry financially … and especially, their blatant attempt to take over our country.

    I will reiterate … having a mix of races is a good thing. Foreign races are, in many cases, the driving force behind our financial viability. Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, etc. etc. come to this country and make a success of their lives, through hard work and personal sacrifice. But the point is, they succeed in business without hand-outs, hand-ups or special privileges.
    And, they cause very little trouble in the way of crime. Nor do they become a burden on the Health services. Or exploit (abuse) our Welfare system.
    And the really telling thing is that this country would fail without the migrant workforce.
    But the irony is, Maori OPENLY exhibit racism, not only to ‘white’ people, but also towards the various Asian races, due to a despising attitude. Presumably because they show Maori up.

  10. Brian Maullane. says:

    It’s not what has been done, it’s how it’s being done. Democracy died at the fraudulent 2020 election which Labour won outright, not needing any coalition partner. That was years in the planning, at least 15 years, beginning with the facical and comical “Tuhoe terrorist raids” in 2007. That then makes the National Party complicit in this evil plan, especially under the reign of the flamboyant PM John Key. and I doubt if NZ First and ACT acn be absolved of any innocence as well.

    Immediately after that 2020 election we had the evil Maorification agend dumped on us, He Puapua, 3 waters, co-governance and the changing of our country’s name. That evil agenda had never been disclosed in the lead up to 2020 election, definitely not in the Labour manifesto, therefore without mandate from the people, therefore illegal. People are now slowly waking up to the fact that they have been screwed, BIG TIME. The longer it is left, with barely a wimper, the harder it will be to get back our country, our dmocracy and our human rights.

  11. Publisher says:

    In my earlier response to “Skeptical” I explained why Maori separatists are able to get away with ripping us off. It has now dawned on me that a lot of the people I categorised as being easily conned, will not recognise their vulnerability. So, I’ll explain their problem.
    The fact is, a phenomenon that has taken hold of the human population is Political Correctness, which is instilled at Universities – and is now entrenched within bureaucracy, teaching, media, and Legal fraternities … to the point where people don’t realise they’re controlled by it (or have given up trying to fight it) so, some turn out “woke”, i.e. are driven by a moralising ideology.
    Of course, they are invariably extremely nice folk. But, these holier-than-thou “Snowflakes” are often too emotionally vulnerable to deal with challenging views.

    It seems that due to chemical pollution, over-processed food, plastics, or whatever … a worryingly high number of our modern society are susceptible to anxiety, bipolar, depression, ADHD, autism, and a myriad of other mental (psychological) disorders.
    Well, included in the repercussion list is a syndrome described as ‘woke-itis’ – which causes some people’s brains to have a wiring fault. With the consequence that they lack the capacity for logical thought. And the worst thing about it is that they are totally unaware of their failing. Somewhat similar to psychopaths, who also have a wiring fault in their brain; that prevents them from recognising their character flaw.

    So, trying to ‘reason’ with wokesters is like trying to convince a religious fanatic of the possibility that God might not be real. Or, another way of putting it, is the frustration of trying to convince your best mate that the woman he has fallen for is not right for him. With their brain being addled (fogged) due to obsessive lust, they just can’t see it, and won’t be told.

    Anyway, despite the fact that woke folk will become extremely indignant as to this characterisation, it does, nevertheless, explain why such an unbelievable number of otherwise intelligent people can fall for an ideological scam. Because being woke (pathetically naïve) encourages them to go along with beliefs that involve a “feel-good-factor”. Do-gooders fit the same bracket.
    So, they are often blind to the fact that they’re being hood-winked.

    All this is perfectly understandable – but, as I say, the frustrating thing is their inability to accept an alternate view, in the way of the truth (even when based on irrefutable evidence) – simply because it hurts too much. It goes against their wet, handwringing liberalism – basically all due to NOT being realists.

    So, they are incapable of recognising the unfairness (and danger) of allowing favouritism due to race. As research scientist Dr John Robinson so accurately states … “No nation can prosper when one sector advances at the expense of another.”

    It’s the greatest irony imaginable, that woke zealots who are totally committed to fairness and doing the right thing, are not protesting on the streets, demanding equality for all citizens — regardless of skin colour, religeous beliefs, genetic makeup, or standing in society. To not be able to see their hypocrisy, proves that they are brainwashed beyond reason.

    Our National Coalition bribed us to vote for them with the promise to restore and uphold democracy. Well it’s time they got on with it – because they’re reneging more every day. All because of Lilly-livered Luxon.
    And what’s worst, is that they’re blithely agreeing to Maori co-management of our natural assets — which will lead eventually to co-governence of the entire country!

    Dr John Robinson believes that we live in a divided, racist, apartheid state which has had its unity, democracy and sovereignty ripped away — with the final step under preparation, i.e. two separate race-based parliaments passing different laws, but DOMINATED by Maori — due to the fraudulant claim of them being ‘indigenous’ — and made secure by their unjustified power of veto — as well as being backed-up by ‘tikanga’ (primitive beliefs) based on their past brutal stone-age culture, that activist Judges have unjustly decided should take precedence over all Laws in this country.
    Talk about stacking the cards.

    Robinson warns . . . “History shows that divided societies fail.”

  12. Realist says:

    I would like to affirm (back-up) the truth that has been so clearly revealed on this website.
    To all you Woke-arses who’ve fallen for the dishonest misinterpretation of the Treaty by devious Maori activists, and by unscrupulous Politicians wanting to retain POWER by allowing themselves to be brown-mailed by their coalition partner, the Maori Party — take note that ARTICLE THREE in every single version of the Treaty guarantees EQUALITY.

    And, it was recorded that after the Treaty had been signed, Governor Hobson said, quote: “He iwi tahi tatoa” (we are now one people).
    Meaning, all are equal under the Law.

    So, how the hell can anyone NOT see that the racial division (Maori favoritism) that has been allowed to take hold in our country, is blatant fraudulance. Sheer dishonesty.
    There are none so blind as those who will not see. You fools.

  13. Regarding the inability of so many to NOT see the obvious … Psychologist Stanley Milgram found that, alarmingly, 80% of the population LACK critical thinking capacity.
    So, only 20% are classified as logical (analytical) thinkers. (Of course, EVERYONE will imagine THEY fit that category!!!)

    This is an explaination for why so many people are easily swayed into believing things that are glaringly NOT substantiated by evidential facts.

    And also explains where the “sheeple” thing comes from, i.e. why authoritarianism is able to ‘control’ the masses. People are taught WHAT to think — not HOW to think.

    This phenomenon of being ‘ruled’ by an elite few has always been the way of humans. And even though we like to imagine that humanity has advanced beyond absolute autocracy, there is still a definite ‘weakness’ that isn’t being helped by the advent of technology — which is resulting in the requirement for ‘thinking’ to become obsolete.
    Of course, this ‘weakness’ is exacerbated (made worse) by the “woke” phenomenon of our modern age.

  14. Publisher says:

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS — but we’re sorry to say that NO more of them will be published, due to being constantly hassled by scammers. And, by “users” (opportunists) trying to promote their products and services on our website, at our expense — whom I might add, are wasting their time. They should note that we’re not gullible.

    You can still make comments, which we would very much appreciate — and if your information is of interest, it could possibly be included in the main body of the Website.

    PLEASE REMEMBER: if being shafted by Maori Activists concerns you as much as it should — then to get the truth out there, you can Post a suggestion on Facebook, to google: w w w . t h e t r u t h . n z (All one word)
    And/or when emailing anyone, type it in, and suggest that if the recipient is interested in being enlightened as to the fraud that’s going on in our country, they can click on it, and that’ll take them straight to this website.

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