5 responses to “The Truth NZ”

  1. Rosie says:

    There has never been more comprehensive proof of a scam than what is revealed here.

  2. Proud Kiwi says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the comment made by Rosie

  3. Hemi says:

    After reading all this, I as a Maori, am ashamed about what is going on.
    I had no idea. It is a national disgrace. This must be stopped.
    We must all live peacefully with equal citizenship. End of.

  4. Skeptical says:

    As convincing as all this might be, I can’t help wondering how such a scam could possibly have ever been accepted by our Political leaders, and Legal fraternity, as well as so many bright University Professors.

  5. Publisher says:

    In response to “Skeptical” — a scam of this magnitude has, in fact, been accepted by the majority of those in the categories you mention — and I’ll explain why.
    For starters, Educationalists can be prone to fall for it because they are often tragically woke. The greenstone pendant hanging round their neck is a sure sign that they’ve succumbed to the scam. Such ‘wet’ folk are easy meat when it comes to being conned.
    The other thing is that they tend NOT to be go-getter types with the fortitude to start a business on their own account. It’s easier, and safer, to get a lifetime job in education; where you just have to meekly follow the racially divisive book to the letter.
    Or alternatively, get a cushy position within bureaucracy, where all that’s required of you, is to unquestioningly embrace the apartheid agenda; and accept the role of henchmen tasked with mindlessly enforcing the unjust rules.

    Then there’s the Legal fraternity. Well, as much as I hate to say it, many of them can be somewhat mercenary. It’s the nature of the beast.
    So, a certain number will go along with a mistruth, as long as someone pays them enough to do so.
    This becomes quite easy for them after a while — because they are experts at their game, i.e. manipulating facts to the utmost — so, they can become somewhat blasé about which side of any particular truth they happen to be juggling.
    And the worst thing is, some scumbag Lawyers have not only jumped aboard the Maori gravy-train, but are helping to steer it.
    Dispicable, dishonest, shameless, dishonorable traitors.

    As for Politicians — they’re power crazy. And will go along with whatever it takes to retain their position of power. They’ll sell their soul for the price of a vote.
    Or, they’re just in it for a lucrative and easy life. Think about all those back-bench leeches. They don’t want to go rocking the boat, do they. Just turn a blind eye to the racist regime, by NOT putting any honest or analytical thought into it.

    And as for the media — most appear to be so left-leaning they could be descibed as bent.
    The power of influence they wield is out of proportion (undeserving) of their biased character.
    And the abuse of CENSORSHIP by newspaper editors regarding ‘Letters to the Editor’ can only be descibed as criminal. A classic example of dictatorship. And the worst thing is that they’re such hypocrites, e.g. allowing ‘controversial’ letters to be published, if and when, they personslly happen to agree with them, i.e. when it suits ‘their’ particular sentiments.
    Sheer arrogance.
    What a blessing it is that we have a few realists amoung our media, such as Mike Hosking and Heather du Plessis-Allan.

    Then of course, there’s the naïve masses, i.e. the easily led people (sheeple) who blindly follow without question. In other words, non-thinking folk, who’re vulnerable to having the wool pulled over their eyes.

    Put all the above together, and that will explain why ruthlessly devious activists within the Tribal elite can get away with fleecing our entire nation.

    I will add that if you’re still in doubt, then I’d strongly suggest you go back to the start and read again from page 3. through to page 15. That’s the guts of it all. It’s the proof in the pudding. And all the twisting and fabricating (trickery and lies) in the world is never going to be able to dispute it.

    PS: sorry for being so forthright about all this, but it is imperitive that the message gets through to those who need telling.
    If you think I’m being a bit rough, you wait and see what life will be like IF AN URGENT STOP is not put to the racial divisiveness. The future will be hell for the majority of people, and we’ll be shafted every way which.
    And, those in ‘control’ will inevitibly revert to intertribal fighting. With the result that this country will end up a complete shambles, destined to true third world status.
    Maori revolutionists keep assuring us that there is nothing to fear about them taking over in a leadership role. Yeah, right.
    Time to wake up folks. Don’t be Plonkers all your life.

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